What am I making?

Question: What am I making?

Answer: and who cares?

Vero..risposta legittima..e completely condivisibile..anche from me ... But as I have done is question might as well give the answer.

I am returning to the scene of delitto..cioè'm coming to stir in the forum and dell'escorting. Why? In fact they are never released but last year I did some experiments ... some prove..insomma I enjoyed doing the idiot (I can benissimo..interpretazione by oscar).

So I return to stir the murky world of the frequenters of the worst brothels of Calcutta as seems clear ... but this time seen in a more ironic and funny ... lighter.

It still takes a po..non'm not ready but I think the end result will be interesting, for sure I will be the new "friends".

I also have other wires being shot and just think I have about 53 drafts waiting to be riviste..cosa strange for me because usually I write jet.

Surely most it will end up in the trash because of outdated or simply because they feel the more my ... however ... unfortunately some will be saved for you.

What does "ays"

Ok ... since it's Christmas do a "present" too.

Lately she returned curiosity around "Bibiebibo" ..alla signature ... and other little things; all you can not reveal anything but yes.

And then we reveal the mystery of the "signature" or the mystery of "ays"

You understand that it is an acronym, it is about understanding what it means, but first you need to tell you how I found out.

Those were different times, namely London a while ago .. unknown (otherwise it starts with age .. ..) but several years ago and I was an adult and vaccinated.

I was in London for a mix of business and pleasure, and something about that time I wrote in the past. London from the point of view "escorts" is the maximum; it was then and still is I think. I already had this trend and here I attended from time to time some escort agency that is independent.

One evening I call an escort and I agree with you to a meeting. It come to me and we spend a very pleasant couple of hours. I remember perfectly the name "Mercedes", Hispanic origin but unidentified. I still have it somewhere on his business card that he left me, it was black with only the name in gold, the phone number and a code under the name (in gold).

The initials stood for "ays". All clear now? Not yet?

Clarified that is of Anglo-Saxon origin ... try to imagine what might be written on a business card of an escort. What does an escort? ... Ok..tante one thing primarily: provide a service (at least Anglo-Saxon conception ..nella escort).

Then the "s" stands for "service" and now everything is clear.

The acronym is as follows: At Your Service, "at your service" literally but better understood as "to serve".

I liked the theme song and when I started writing in various forums and I had to find a signature, after using for a while '"Love" but was too honeyed ... here I lightbulb using "ays".

The mystery is revealed the signature that has intrigued a lot and not only here on the blog but also in various forums. It is not a great mystery but that's it.

There is still a long way to define ... like how did the nickname ... the story on the ship ... school age (this ..neanche with pliers .. Inquisitor).

ays Bibi

I did the escort for ladies

The initial phase of the new project started and I must say it was quite good, so good that is already walking alone. I will follow very closely, but still I will not have to be always present and that was what I was hoping.

On the sidelines of everything that has happened I have to explain the title of the post or I take you for mad (oddio..mica so difficult).

And 'success at the official presentation of the new project that I will not explain. In two parole..ricordate when I wrote that I had gone to Rome to meet with a jerk of Parliament? Bene..da there is a party, and now the project has materialized. And in Rome this week was launched.

And that's where I made the tour leader. I must say it was very strange, for years I have benefited from the services of "escorts" and at the end, as in Dante's infernal law of retaliation, I found myself "companion".

And 'all happened by chance and because of the four words I know Russian. There were customers who came over there and then I found myself scarrozza three gals to rome. Among other things, not being Roman, it was not exactly a walk.

But first things first.

It all starts with the presentation of the project followed by refreshments ect. ect. ect. followed by a beautiful fucking thing because in the programs, at the end of the day everyone had to leave for his cabbages. Big mistake because the three gals want to go around Rome but do not know a word that is not Romanian or Russian (two Romanian and one Russian). And then my "bright" partner remembers that I know four crap in that language and I masquerading as a fine speaker and expert on the ways of Gogol .. (bastard inside ...) and ensures the ladies who will be their leader ... (bastard inside is out..).

Now .. the ladies are not really "ladies" ... .diciamo things as they are; one (the Russian) it is a large woman of about 40 years old and of considerable size, the two Romanian rather have thirty years, a normal and a rather considerable chick is (to put it understandable to everyone).

It starts immediately for dinner and I have to improvise by drawing a random local Trastevere and fortunately I'm okay. The big woman Russian launches a taste of everything the steps to throw fork ... while the "normal" (as the distinction from "chick") is content to snacking and little or nothing. The "chick" is normal but instead gives us in a little too much with the wine of the castles.

After dinner, the "buoy station" (the Russian) sells last haggard "tiramisu" engulfed and wants to return to the hotel. Undecided until the last moment whether to call a cab or a tow truck, I go for the first and the fatigue load on the middle under the worried look of the taxi driver tells me "aho ... I had just redone the mortacci ..".

At this point it seems that everything goes well and I am going to call other taxi but the two stop me: "hard" disk ...? That hard ?? Schedule? Steering wheel? Please specify ...

Are dicks ... they want to go to the disco to dance ... .. Now I have a certain age, I do not deny that as a boy I attended clubs but we talk about places that no longer exist ... where I was going I is scavendo to find the remains of ' age and keep them in a museum .. And all this happened in Rome.

Desperately asking for help to the owner of the restaurant that I pity rattles off a few names of disco quite popular in the capital.

"Gilda" ... "Jackie O" ... "Piper" fuck ... but are the same names that circulated in my day! That's why they call it the Eternal City! Then come other names unknown to me.

Scholar in five seconds on the nightlife of the capital, and I propose to launch a first local gals. Via ..this part.

We arrive at this place and honestly I was expecting something better, but this is what passes the monastery and whereas entering I saw in the distance the Dome ... I think an appropriate comparison.

The two embark on track regardless of everything and everyone. Rest a little shocked because they give points to the local cubist, if they provide a pole ... I do not know where they would disappear .. I had stayed at dances may be a little more "normal", here it is all a rub and a mood from porn movies. The fact is that in a short time the area is filled with "gadflies". What is a "gadfly"? And 'that insect extremely tedious and insistent that as few bites and usually torture vacche..ed the Christians during the summer.

Where I come from is also to indicate those funny looking stubbornly to mate and copulate with all the girls, women or the like that happen to shoot. Disco they always were and I see that this has not changed.

The two girls have attracted the attention of all the "gadflies" local and I must say that the Romans as a "tafanaggine" are unmatched ... but the two are laughing at large and I understand that you're having to take the piss the cloud that surrounds them. I do my "hanger" that is, I lean against the wall, I drink and I look and I slam the Maronites thinking about what I have to do the next day.

After a couple of hours and at least three comsumazioni, the "chick" comes and tells me, "Where are we going now?" ... .. As we go where? There are two options: to sleep or to fuck ... NO..terza locale..perchè one another is not enough, he wants to see Roma..ect. ect ... ect ...

Sorridenndo and bestemiando, move away the "gadflies" from normal and both gain the release chased by curses on my future generations and appreciation on the professionalism of my great grandmothers throw me by them.

I opt for a local Testaccio and find myself in a pit pazzesca..locale very low level and as people that music is fine but the two girls, I think it will be alcohol.

The chick is taken immediately attacked by two very interesting examples of "male jerk" that is what makes the "conquistador" to record ... The specimens have in common a beautiful pitch in the head where to park the buses of the faithful headed to St. Peter , a physical Nos certain athletic front have a discreet "cemetery tortelli" as they say a couple of comedians. And the eyes ... I do not know if I only noticed but I have eyed, constantly moving on every part of the body of the chick. I find myself thinking if I was like that, too, if I behaved in the same way ... oddio..che figure shit ... if it were me I would be on hiatus alone.

The normal well she has her work cut out to disentangle the various polyps that surround it all goes smoothly. What it get out of hand when the "chick" begins to slinguazzare with a male free range that must have firearms because he has a gun in your pocket or at least I think.

The "gadflies" at this point you throw all the normal starting to show signs of slowing and eventually ... yields and slimonazza herself quite a gadfly. From the position of hangers I observe the sad disperse the horseflies were disappointed, all with guns in their pockets and not be able to fire a shot.

Now I ask myself the question: how to go to sleep and lead to bed the two without having to face duels Rusticana with the two gadflies? Or leave them to fend for themselves? I opt for a solution suggeritami by Quintus Fabius Maximus, temporized.

The chick continues to amaze me because in practice you almost scopazzarsi the gadfly while the normal is more a victim than victimizer. Things go for long and I'm almost asleep when the scenery changes abruptly. The two greet their gadflies, you slinguazzano and then calmly come to me and tell me that we can go ... I'm surprised but I can not find the exact words to describe the faces of the two gadflies downloaded to that there are modo..non words really, I should do only a photo but I think if I want to get out alive is something to avoid.

Taxi the two big laugh and then I speak some of the evening. The discussion continues in the hotel and in practice I trust that they just wanted to have a little fun, are both married and with children as well. I never had intentions to go further, just a bit of fun and nothing more and even the chick asks me if by chance I have offended or if I have created problems. "Absolutely not," was my answer and I must say that I lie quite well and I think he bought it.

When I get in the room I think back to the evening and I think of all the various managers that after stressful meetings or conferences finally "relax" with various escorts. I worked for some time in a multinational, raced to go to conferences or taking positions for short periods in remote locations to go to whores.

The two gals in the end had fun and did nothing more than what they normally do hundreds of men, anzi..sono been too good to stop. What to say?

I can only say that I did the tour leader and all in all it was fun ... .that I open a new career?

80 pounds are not enough .. sorry

Today I glanced to the search terms by which some poor wretch arrive in this wasteland that is my blog.

"God's ways are endless," he says, and even the search terms it seems. There are curious, strange, crazy and of even more. Girl with a Suitcase has devoted a page and he did very well.

Today one made me laugh like few .. in part because it is relevant to my recent past and in part because it means just do not have the idea of ​​what you look ..

In practice, a guy came to this blog trying to google "escorts in London in less than 80 pounds."

Now .. calculator in hand 80 pounds is equivalent to about 88 euro !!!!

Now we need to give some advice to this dear friend likely would-pimp (but I will remain only an aspiration ..).

Dear amico..a London with 80 pounds ... if you can throw a party with a dark, understood as Guinness at the pub. The escort, intending to escort girls of a certain level, not the toxic that are in king's cross, for 80 pounds you do not even shake my hand.

And to be honest ... even in Italy I know that you have to continue to rely on Federica because with 88 € of escorts are little or nothing.

You know what I can do? Get emails that you get in touch with Confucia ... maybe 80 pounds can combine ....

About Silvio, my dear pimp.

Since we are in a democracy where there is freedom of the press and so there is no danger that the videos with the statements of D'Addario disappear like snow in the sun ... I decided to propose them.

A small letter to Silvio ...

Silvio, dear friend pimp long course, you have to feel comfortable and admit you do crap. In any case are less severe type of crap you say ... that of a million jobs. Relax and think in Clinton, for him a blowjob at times he lost the White House, for a blow job you've had to make only a Minister and risks losing Villa San Martino but you have other residences .. in Sardinia, the Caribbean ... to Hammamet ...

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I was torn between the memories of a foggy London or a solar Russia. Yes, solar because Russia can be solar. Duval has made me remember a game of joints passed.

But I decided to go with the mind in London, about a certain number of years ago. And there I met Tamzin.

What to say more than what has been said before with Christine? London, soldi..solo ..ect. ect. the pastry.
Tamzin was one of the pastries on display. Marvelous.

It was a melting pot of races and as often happens it was the best of both. Half Tamil and half English. Never understood if the mother or father and actually never screwed anything to know.

As written, in London there were (and still think there are) agency issues, if you wanted a black girl you called an agency, if you wanted an Asian girl another and so on.

One evening I called an agency that sent me Tamzin.

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It was amazing when he came into my little room I was speechless and it's not something that happens to me often.

Beautiful, high, bearing a large, two boobs from fear and trust me when I tell you to be afraid, huge, natural.

Mora with a mestizo complexion that brought out his eyes, dark and deep over bottom depths there is. And a smile that opens the heart.

Hurry economic formalities, I find myself talking to her but also to fondle her and everything else. I'm not good at writing of erotic encounters, this is something I leave to others more good but I can say it was a real bomb.

After talking again and eat something together, it has a brain mica laugh the girl. The craft has chosen independently and without many problems. He says that for a half-breed like you there are many perspectives. Gli inglesi di origine indiana non la amano e gli inglesi puri amano le sue tette e basta.

Così decide di usarle e diventa accompagnatrice. Lo fa da circa due anni (mi dice di avere 20 anni…forse penso io…) e di aver già comprato una casa. Non una reggia ma una piccola casetta standard tipicamente inglese con un piccolo giardino sul retro. Per lei è il raggiungimento di un obbiettivo. Ora sta pensando ad un investimento diverso.

Ne parliamo tra una patatina ed un'altra e mi sembra di seguire un seminario sulle possibilità d'investimento in Inghilterra tenuto da una splendida pettoruta mezzo sangue sdraiata nuda sul letto della mia camera e penso che se i seminari fossero così……

Eventually he greets me and goes. For the moment. Il giorno dopo non ho un cazzo da fare ad allora chiamo l'agenzia e fisso un altro incontro con Tamzin.

She smiles at me when it arrives ect. ect ect e poi mi dice seriamente :” tu devi essere molto ricco”. Le chiedo perchè e lei mi dice che lei costa parecchio e quindi..

Vero, non è a buon mercato ma si vive una volta sola..(leggere Christine e capirete..).

Passo un'altra splendida serata con lei a parlare ed ovviamente a consumare. Non lo nego, ho consumato e parecchio. Tamzin è solare e irradia tutto intorno un'aura benefica. Dal punto di vista sessuale, un vulcano si definirebbe freddo al suo confronto. But…

Però terminato diventa veramente una professionista. E' da lei che ho imparato ad apprezzare le professioniste rispetto alle improvvisitate, le pseudo no prof.

It gives you everything and nothing, but at all times gives you what you want. Quando se ne va, la saluto e lei mi dice che è stata bene e ci credo ma non l'ho più chiamata.

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PS è un esperimento, musica..racconto e forse ..non so..però ho voluto provare qualcosa di diverso.
Maybe there will be a second parte..magari not.


Prologue: time and place

London, long time ago.
Come si fa a non innamorarsi di una città così quando non si hanno grossi problemi, non si hanno vincoli e ti girano un pò di soldi in tasca?

In quel periodo della mia vita ero in questa idilliaca condizione; but not too young, no special limitations, discrete financial availability due to a good job and no mortgage to pay. In questa condizione mi trovo a vivere a Londra per circa un mese. Li chiamano “stage formativi”, in realtà per me è una vacanza a tempo pieno.

Prendo casa in una zona centrale. Il primo tentativo è un disastro allucinante, contatto un'agenzia che mi trova una “kind location”…vicino a Kings Cross Railroad Station. Translated into practice, I find a toilet room in a kind of hostel near the station of Kings Cross, the one where I burned a ton of people during a fire.

Apart from the process in common with a group of strangers at a guess have many years younger than me but many more problems than me to make ends meet and maybe even a few problems with the correct use of substances derived from opium, the rest of the room is simply a copy of the process above. The "location" is inserted into a corner with magnificent views of "pizza hut" and consequent usufruct free of fragrances and aromas coming from the same. When you consider that white is a color not very frequent among those who frequent nightclubs surrounding sidewalks, here is the picture of a perfect place where you can shoot yourself in peace and have all the extenuating circumstances of the case.

Step two nights in my great room, sleeping little but clutching a healthy and sincere friendship with a family of cockroaches living there for three generations. By day I spend time looking for accommodation where to relocate even though I know it will break your heart to my room neighbor, a young Spanish arrived two days before me that when I arrived he hugged me like I was a brother. I was the first "normal" that met for three days.

Finalmente il terzo giorno trovo una sistemazione alla portata delle mie finanze. Detto per inciso, sarei stato disposto a rubare il Tesoro della Corona pur di andarmene. La nuova “location” decisamente più accogliente. Mi sono trovato un'altra camera a Knightsbridge. Come dire dalle stalle alle stelle. Per chi non fosse pratico, è (..era..forse lo è ancora..) una zona molto carina, a due passi da Hyde Park, vicino ad Harrod's, vicino alla mitica King's Road (la strada famosa per la moda)..insomma come si dice “ho svoltato”.

L'affitto anche ha svoltato e di parecchio ma si vive una volta sola ed allora..

Al quarto giorno, mi sveglio, apro la finestra e vedo in lontananza uno spicchio di parco e poi si dice che la felicità è difficile da ottenere!

Per tre o quattro giorni cazzeggio in giro per le strade come un deficiente, avete presente i film tipo “un americano a parigi” o roba simile? Il mio stage non è ancora iniziato e quindi posso cercare di godermi la città e capire come muovermi.

Scopro la Londra delle piazze e delle vie più strane e poi passo alla Londra turistica con tutte le fermate classiche che è inutile elencare. Cosa rimarchevole, un baretto italiano con autentico caffè nel cuore di Soho.

Soho invece è una delusione pazzesca, la vita del quartiere del vizio londinese è una mestizia. Molto meglio spostarsi lungo “the thames”. Ci sono poi una serie infinita di locali tra convent garden e la zona dei teatri. Discoteche un pò dovunque e scopro la zona di Camden. Insomma, la prima settimana mi diverto a cazzeggiare a destra e sinistra come pochi.

Comincio lo stage, impegno minimo e frequenza solo al mattino, in pratica è una pacchia. Tra l'altro non è neanche molto lontano, zona paddington. Apro una parentesi. Paddington è una zona, a mio parere, molto bella con tutta una serie di case old style con i colonnati bianchi che risulta contaminata da una forte presenza di Indiani. Non so se questo ha influito ma la zona è anche un pullulare di annunci per incontri a pagamento.

A dire il vero, questa è una delle cose che ho visto subito. La prima volta che ho telfonato da una cabina, mi sono stupito; tutta la cabina era ricoperta di andesivi e bigliettini da visita di escort, accompagnatrici, sadomaso, etniche, call-girls, call-boys…ect ect. insomma tutto il campionario era a portata di mano. La sensazione era quella di un bambino lasciato da solo in pasticceria.

E qui comincia la storia.

Parte prima : la pasticceria ovvero sesso facile

Cosa fa un bambino lasciato solo in una pasticceria? Ovvio… assaggia le paste.

Ed ecco che un giorno mi trovo al regent's park seduto su una panchina con un biglietto da visita in mano. Biglietto nero con una scritta oro in corsivo grande “Mercedes” e più sotto “the dreams become truth” e dietro solo “call at xxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Si vive una volta sola…..ricordate?

“Hello, mercedes speaking, may I help you?” Certo che puoi aiutarmi…e così tra una battuta ed un pò di imbarazzo fisso l'incontro. Non è proprio a buon mercato, anzi direi caruccio ma fa niente. Non sto a raccontare come è andata, è andata ed anche molto bene.

E tutto comincia così. Se fosse andata male forse non sarei qui a raccontare e scrivere.

Dopo Mercedes provo qualche altra ragazza. Qualcuno può dire “ma scusa perchè non te ne cerchi una senza pagare? una ragazza normale come tutti”. Beh, in effetti ho trovato anche un paio di ragazze “normali” ma la normalità è un concetto molto relativo in Inghilterra ed a Londra specialemente. Una sera passo la serata in un pub a bere birra e giocare a dards e perdo senza ritegno però mi rifaccio con lo snooker. Tra un dard, una birra ed una partita a snooker, faccio amicizia con gli abitueè del pub. E' una cosa difficilissima e rara. di solito il gruppo dei frequentatori abituali non caga mai i nuovo e men che meno i turisti ma forse perchè perdo molto a freccette divento simpatico.

Al momento della chiusura mi ritrovo con due ragazze del gruppo, nulla di speciale, carine ma nella media. “Italians do it better” e cazzate simili ed alla fine mi trov a dormire da loro. Dormire..eufemismo per dire che mi trovo a passare la notte con loro. Non sono mai stato un amante dell'orgia, dell'ammucchiata; non mi piace il traffico “on the bed” però sarà stato l'alcool o altro alla fine è andata a finire così con due ragazze “normali”.

Frequento anche una ragazza dle mio stage, frequento nel senso che talvolta si esce a mangiare e finito lì. E' una ragazza ungherese che dice di essere imparentata con non so chi di importante del suo paese. Molto carina ed anche un pò strana. sarà anche imparentata con una persona importante ma un giorno mentre mangiamo seduti su una panchina di un parchetto mi chiede se posso farel un favore. “Ma certo” risponde il tacchino italiano doc (Di Origine Cazzuta). “Mi puoi prestare 50 pounds?” è l'angelica richiesta. Ora, la ragazza ha circa ventidue anni, bionda, un bel fisico, due occhioni blu che ora sono modello cucciolo di cooker e mi fissa speranzosa. Che pensate abbia risposto un autentico gentleman italiano d.oc.? Esatto, proprio quello. Per inciso non ho secondi fini ma resto un pò sorpreso dalla richiesta e comunque anticipo che il suddetto prestito è ancora da essere saldato a distanza di anni. Diciamo che ho finanziato lo sviluppo di un paese emergente dell'est europa.

Ecco spiegato il perchè del ricorso ai biglietti ed agli annunci. Molto più rilassante e meno complicazioni e fraintendimenti. Se esco con una call- girls e questa mi chiede dei soldi non resto sorpreso, è normale. se esco con due e ci finisco a letto, non sono sorpreso, è normale. Si vive una volta sola e che cazzo..almeno in maniera tranquilla.

La scelta è vasta ed articolata, è un supermarket aperto 24 su 24. Ci sono agenzie settoriali ed etniche per gli amanti del genere. Io non ho gusti particolari e quindi vado su cose classiche. Una sera chiamo un'agenzia e mi risponde un tizio abbastanza gentile, fisso l'incontro e mi manda a casa la ragazza:Christine.

E qui comincia un'altra storia.

Parte seconda: Lei

Christine arriva puntuale come un orologio svizzero. Apro la porta e lo spazio è occupato da una massa di capelli biondi ricci, mossi…e da un sorriso favoloso. Occhi verdi con riflessi dorati sorridenti e splendenti di luce propria. “Hi, i'm Christine” ha una voce bellissima, cordiale e gentile, allegra. Definizione del momento: una ragazza solare.

First rule issues financed by the usual envelope and then begin to talk a bit. We beh..non talk to much to be honest because I honestly can not resist much to watch it only. What about what happened? I can say it was a remarkable experience, she smiles, laughs and then smiles again. I often shoot crap in English and I talk about everything and more. In the end we are talking about a lot of things and in our drink, a laugh and a kiss. At the end of the evening we salute and says "You are very funny, thanks."

In the morning I do not go to the stage, go to the park, not to Hyde Park, prefersico another one next. Rest there for a while to look around then I go on the subway up to Covent Garden and stand there and look at who has the bigger head. My head is muffled, I seem to walk 30 centimeters from the ground or close to the sky depending on your point of view. I have a feeling space / time very distorted. In the late afternoon back in my room and I call Christine.

He left the number of his house. The night before he told me that he lives with his sister, who is now on. They recorded a song as an answering machine that says it is a hoot. I dial the number.

"Hello ......." And begins a song for two voices is a disaster but definitely fun because you feel that recorded at a time when the alcohol is gone for a ride outside the liver, and spent the evening with the duodenum.

At the end of the Secretariat I leave a message with my phone number. Phrases that do not want to say anything but when I look smart and beautiful. After about half an hour the phone rings. And she.

"Hello funny italian! How are you? "Thus you begin and is already over or maybe it iniziata..non know what, but I know that at that moment" something "happened. Laughing and joking we arrange to meet us for the evening. A payment is clear.

While we're on time we decide to go eat something together. Idiota..non even know where to take! I know of nothing more than the places I eat sandwiches or other crap in some pubs and I invited her out to eat! Christine arrives on time as always, a little early, and if yesterday had seemed nice, now I am sure it is beautiful. I do not know yet where to go and she must have realized that I'm a little messed up. It offers her a place near. Okay, go. It 'a place much like the ones where I go, sandwiches, some crap and nothing more. A beer and some crap that I honestly do not know what it is but I do not care. She is in front of me and that's enough and advances. He tells me he wants to take the breast again would increase it. It seems to me that is fine as it is. "Noooooooo .. i want to Became a third page girl!". For those not practical, the girl of the third page is told the newspaper "The Sun" in the third page that has a habit of inserting the topless pictures of various starlets and is the most read page of the newspaper that for the rest does seem "Corriere dei Piccoli" an authoritative head. We continue to discuss the size of her boobs and in general the perfect size boobs. All this with a normal tone of voice and what I see that it's interesting that the other customers with looks more or less competent throw an eye on tits Christine.

We go out and we are naturally embraced. We go to my "home, sweet home".

And here it begins another story.

Epilogue: ... ..and so be it

I open the door of my room and enters the light that is Christine. This time it sets the question finanziara or rather do not have time because I sling a meter of language and explores my tonsils. Given the temperature we move in a more consistent and start ...... "Wait a moment ..." he says and looks for something in her purse; something is a different way of saying "condom". It usually does not take long, but this time the search is longer than necessary. "Damned .." I understand that something is wrong or rather that "something" is not found. In practice we do not have condoms and it is not pleasant view of the situation of Big Ben which is my part of the groin. There guardiamo..risata embarrassing and then decision: get changed and go to look for condoms. Beh..situazione a little strange but ultimately fun. We go out laughing and she teases me wondering why I have a banana in my pants pocket ... "are you hungry?" That dictates that, in this situation is something chock full of double meanings.

The first place to look for tells us bad, no condom. Let's try a self open but even here there are. But they decided to fuck all tonight? The research leads us to another place but it's late and it's also well closed. Let's go back, it seems impossible but I have not found a condom. I'm quite resigned and also Big Ben marks six thirty in peace. Christine looks at me and tells me sorry that tomorrow if we want vederci..non figured no problem. A kiss and then another. He looks at me and then starts over, and we find ourselves on the bed and the Big Ben is back at midnight. I try to tell her that it's not ... I closed my lips with a finger and says that he trusts. At the moment I do not understand but it is only a matter of time. The rest of notte..beh not take a genius to figure out how it went.

E 'remained with me all night. We did not talk about financial matters. I took her home. A nice apartment, nice, messy to capacity as it can only be the apartment of two girls who do not want to fix the house. I stop for a cup of tea, then you are already there we go eat something. And 'Saturday, Sunday I flew to Italy. I greet you with the promise that in a few hours I would be with her. And so it was.

Basically I move from her missing three days at my plane and you only live once ... ..

Avete presente quei film strani con lui e lei che vanno in giro sorridenti con le faccie deficienti con la musichetta allegra.. sole e vento nei capelli..ecco i tre giorni seguenti sono stati così. Ho passato tre giorni in un'altra dimensione. Sesso? Tanto e di più ma non solo. Le cose più belle ed i ricordi più belli sono altri. Ad esempio quando in cucina mentre mangiavamo un pezzo di pizza (pizza hut…), lei insisteva per insegnarmi la sua canzoncina della segreteria. Che c'è di divertente? Provate a cantare con in bocca un pezzo di pizza (pizza hut..intendo) con una ragazza nuda seduta sulle vostre gambe e poi mi direte ….

Poi è arrivata domenica. “Sunday, bloody sunday” è una canzone degli U2 e tratta di tutt'altro ma quella domenica è stata veramente maledetta. Però non è stata triste come si può pensare. Il mattino ci ha trovato svegli, abbiamo passato la notte a parlare e solo a parlare. Mi ha accompagnato all'aereoporto, l'ho vista per l'ultima volta attraverso un vetro e mi è sembrata più bella del primo giorno. Un saluto, un sorriso e via, si vive una volta sola…

Non ho mai più rivisto Christine, sono stato a Londra altre volte ma mai mai ho trovato il coraggio di provare a telefonarle, di cercarla. L'ho fatto una sera qualche anno fa. Una sera speciale in cui la testa va per conto suo e si tracciano linee immaginarie di bilanci di vita e si fa la conta delle cose buone e delle cose cattive che uno ha fatto. Il numero è sempre lì, l'ho ancora adesso a distanza di anni e così quella sera l'ho chiamata. Sono stato fortunato, non lei c'era ma c'era una canzoncina.

….si vive una volta sola….ma dentro si muore tante volte.

Racconto d'inverno

It was a cold December of 1991 and yet people roamed the streets eating ice cream at will, even two or three at a time. The first time I saw such a thing are flabbergasted; I was told a lot of things but this was something new. Then the gentle interpreter told me it was a way as any to eat; the calorific value of the ice cream was a great help to the basic diet of the Muscovites and Russians in general, the fact that it was December it mattered little to a people accustomed to cold and then the ice cream consistency Russian was different.

Unconvinced urged me to give it a try and he was right; different texture, taste great and very mellow, a good dessert that you could actually eat even while the snow fell. The boring lunch circumstance saw.

High, slightly auburn hair, a sweet face but well defined and strong. When I hear talk of Russian women most of the time it comes out the word "country girls". Perhaps, the climate and hard work have marked the faces of most parts of women but next to them you can find faces an amazing beauty that leaves you breathless.

More than once I stopped to watch children on the street who were the personification of cherubs by Giotto or Michelangelo. Natasha, belonged to the second category of women, if they were smart in that moment I would have signed anything to go off alone with her. I finally get to talk to her, good English studied at university, better than mine.

I release the interpreter and I ask you to accompany me around the city, but always trivial excuse efficace.Con surprise accept and begin to turn to Moscow, still marked by a coup attempt. The front of the white house in Moscow, the parliament, still bears the marks of cannon shots of tanks. The cold is terrible when we get to Arbat Street but suddenly everything changes.

By her side I enter a new world and old at the same time. Stalls with all the possible and the impossible; Russian watches alongside beautiful porcelain dinner services, precious Baltic amber with fine carved ivories. Endless junk of the past regime, pictures of Lenin, Stalin and anyone else who has had a few loads, busts of iron or plaster or as thou voglia.Bandiere red, American, early punk, illegal money changers that change a dollar to 55 rubles while the official exchange rate stands at 2.80 as I recall.

In the midst of this humanity, Natasha who calmly and a sweet smile with me and guide me among the booths and the other. Asking price, I recommend what to take and what to leave out. Do not you realize that I'm not looking at the stalls but she and she alone; slight sleet falling covering them tufts of hair protruding from his fur hat, or I'll be cold but his eyes shine with a special light.

After a while 'we go in a side dell'Arbat where turning a bit' right and a bit 'to the left, we finally find a small cafe in an old wine cellar that the new pseudo capitalist spirit has raised. The "chai" Russian tea served in the classic glass of glass warms me as ever or maybe the fact of being there with her I enough.

Rest in Moscow for five days. Natasha I've known as an escort, I met her in a different way. He introduced me to a great country in a different way.

July 1996 he returned to Moscow for the last time.

Il vecchio Inturist vicino alla Piazza Rossa è un residuato bellico confronto ai nuovi alberghi. Per le strade le mercedes e bmw dei nuovi ricchi sfrecciano in mezzo alle lada. Passo dall'Arbat e un'infinita tristezza mi colpisce appena vedo una bella insegna “Pizzeria Bella Italia”. Forse sono gli stessi italiani mafiosi che incontrai nel night del “Pribaltiskaja” a San Pietroburgo nel 1992 e che discutevano amabilmente di cosa “importare” ed “esportare” fiduciosi del fatto che il napoletano non è lingua di facile accesso se non si hanno amici napoletani.

Dove c'era un fantastico negozietto di antichità, ora c'è uno stupido negozio di vestiti. Per strada non mi fermo più ad osservare i bambini; alla sera vedo solo ragazzine che aspettano lungo la strada. Il progresso non può essere fermato; forse…. ma in alcuni casi dovrebbe essere fermato.

Non ho più rivisto Natasha; non ho mai voluto rivederla, forse ho fatto bene o forse ho fatto male,di certo questa storia mi rimarrà dentro e sarà sempre uno degli innumerevoli incroci che ho dovuto affrontare nella vita e dove il mio destino è cambiato a seconda di quale strada ho preso.

Con affetto Bibi

PS Stanotte a mosca ha nevicato e fa freddo.

PP.SS. Ho deciso di riprendere le quattro stagioni. “Racconto d'inverno” è una cosa scritta tanto tempo fa e pubblicata in un forum e che ho riportato integralmente; anche gli altri racconti sono oramai già stati scritti ma non è detto che non farò integrazioni.

Una nota a margine del già inserito “Racconto d'autunno”: è un racconto che va interpretato localizzandolo nel forum dove è stato proposto ed avendo una minima esperienza del vissuto raccontato.

Nuova iniziativa

Penso di essere arrivato al termine del viaggio. Questa è stata una bella esperienza maforse è finita. Ho fatto altre cose e son tornato ad altre cose che mi piacciono di più. Se poi queste andranno a finir nella palta…pazienza. E' qualche tempo che studio ed imparo. Ho deciso di metter su un forum. Tutti dicono che i forum son finiti; può essere ma i blog mi annoiano e quindi torno al primo amore. Tra breve inserirò il linke se qualcuno vorrà visitarlo…prego.

Attenzione però!!! Forum vietato ai minori dato che tratterà sempre e comunque di un argomento “proibito” e cioè escort, sesso ed affini. A presto e buone feste.

Una storia rumena

Like many, I too have had occasion in my frequent visits to cross the Romanian escort. Oh God, maybe call them "escort" is perhaps too much, maybe the better term "loft" but no matter.

I will call the "Gala", real name also because I do not know what happened. It 'a story cherisale a few years ago, I'd say about 7 or 8 to be precise. It was my time to "return" to the activity of a recipient of services paid sex (pimp in vulgaris ...).

In quelperiodo I was still very attached to the use of the print media and so the meetings were selected and chosen according to advertisements in various newspapers. "Aaaaaaa ect" or "Massage ect ..." But that meant only one thing. Although there were no secrets that the "expert" knew, some newspapers were to be avoided, others were only for a certain type of service (low) others were to escort lusso..insomma was not easy and perhaps fun it was all there.

Every so often I was also trying to find something that was different than usual in practice to "discover" some girl very interesting. A newspaper known for its high possibility of "sun" I find an ad a little naive and so I launch. Phone: pleasant voice with a slight foreign accent and soon combine.

I am surprised when I see it. Gala is a very nice girl, nothing to say. I omit the parts that usually more interested in the various forums dedicated namely the technical aspects because it would make sense. Let's just say that we are almost at a 10.

Curious episode that is worth telling.

Location: motel on the outskirts of Milan

Characters: two, you and I

Costumes: none at the moment

Ciak, action: she gets up and goes to the bathroom will not be possible to open the door for uscire.Provate to imagine what I went pearl head in those minutes.

Apart from the incident, suffered a lot with lego Gala. I find that is in its second day of "work" and that knows very well "what" and "how" to do it. Short cheatsheet on the various situations and a prayer that You will at "certain" rules and then with the passage of time also tells me a little about her. Romanian native of the area formerly dominated Count Vlad. Little or nothing in Romaniae then decided to make the leap of quail and does so in another country where he got married. End of the first part of the story to the end of time.

After a couple of days and I see you again. This time at his house. We continue the story and so it makes me see the photo album of the wedding, the strange thing is that I have not even seen my. Allafine tells me that she left her husband and moved to Italy with a friend and he also found a job. Small detail; with the work barely pays the rent, and then when he ran out of money sought a soluzionee saw that where he works all the behind were thought to capitalize on this aspect.

See you again for several times. Charity is perhaps the only that I've attended a number of times; I usually made my motto but Paganini Gala was the exception. When I realized that things had taken a turn that I was not suited, I saw her for the last time and that's it. Gala was cheerful, funny and not at all upset or worried, chose lucidly what to do and autonomously.

They spend years and then one day four years ago find a note with his number telefono.Curiosità, madness or something and call it.

To my surprise I answered, the phone is always on. With joy but also embarrassed I do recognize and so I decide to go to see her immediately. She lives in a nice area of ​​Milan now, not a big apartment but nice. I can hardly recognize it, and a lot has changed. The physicist who first had a little free-range is now a show; it had always been high but now it's even slimmer, thinner than a few kilo in strategic and perhaps increased in others.

The hair color has changed and even cutting. The smile is always instead. I insult me ​​with joy and asked where I was finito.Scopro she obviously continued, indeed has "evolved". From print went to ads on the network, it was one of the first to enter the web.

Tells me that changed "customers", it has passed to customers by at least one million and also tastes strange. He tells me of a guy in Florence that he paid a sum to go to Florence for the weekend and everything that happened was that the guy spippettava with his socks.

E così di seguito.Ora aveva un “ragazzo” o meglio uno che la manteneva e di tanto in tanto aveva qualche cliente affezionato. In pratica stava bene. Non riceveva più a casa ma oramai ero lì e quindi….

Non l'ho più rivista e non l'ho più chiamata. Ho ancora il suo numero di telefono, un giorno di due anni fa mi trovai per caso a passare sotto casa sua ed ho visto che il suo nome è ancora lì sul citofono. Ora spero solo che qualche pirla non la prenda a calci perchè è rumena.